Resources & FAQs

Q: How do I find the list of Students in my school?

A: Go to extended MIS and login using your School user ID and password. Post that on clicking Student –> Manage Student, you can search all your students basis multiple filters (Class-wise, Section-Wise, Search by Name etc.)

Q: What does the status Active/Inactive signify?

A: Each student in the MIS can either be Active (which means it is either in the school or it is transferred from the school but not yet admitted to another school) or Inactive (which means that the student can be Dead, Juvenile, Dropout, Fake, Duplicate or Migrated to Another State).

  1. Why Mobile number and email ID should be mandatory?

     Sol: As the application is digitalized so for further communication to parents can be done either through mobile or email. If the parents email ID is not available, then headmaster or school email ID can be provided.

  1. Can the School data be edited?

Sol: Yes, Go to School Tab>School Profile>Edit.

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  1. What are the uses of Quick Fill?

Sol: To restrict duplicacy of students and reduce the data entry. The student information can be pulled out through 3 different fields in it.

  2. Unique Student ID
  3. TC number
  4. How to know which are mandatory fields?

Sol: The tabs that are marked with a red star(*).

  1. How to use UID/VID/EID?

 Sol:  UniqueID/ VirtualID/EnrollID if the student has any of these  then we can enter the data in quick fill and click on Go to reduce the data entry.

  6.How to use Unique Student ID?

Sol: After a student is enrolled in MIS every student has a Unique student ID and it will be valid throughout the sessions.

7.How to use TC number?

Sol: Once a student is transferred in MIS an automated TC number will be generated hence with the TC number, we can use it in quick fill for taking admission in different schools .

8.How can  a student take admission without taking TC in different school?

Sol: If a student is being registered in MIS then he/she would have an Unique student ID through Quick Fill we can pull the student information or else while updating student information there will be an alert message of the same student.

9. Why summative assessment marks are required to enter in eMIs?

Sol: By SA1 and SA2 marks obtained/updated in eMIS ,a student is marked as promoted or retained.

10. In student admission filling all the details when click on submit button got “Server/Network error?

Sol: Do CTRL+Shift+R and logout and then try to student admission it will work

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11. In Quick Fill in Unique student ID after entering the ID when we click on “Go” got error “Fail to Execute”.

Sol: Do CTRL+Shift+R and logout and then try to student admission it will work

12.How to check the total number of enrolled students in a school?

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Sol: In Student Tab>Manage Student>Right side corner there is a Tab “Total Records”

13.If the total records data of students in eMIS is not matching the actual number of students in school?

Sol: School has  to add the students those are not updated in eMIS.

14. What if by mistakenly without submitting the student data user clicks on  back button is the data stored ?

Sol: The data is not stored  however user has  to enter the student data again by clicking on new student tab.

15.How to edit  School address if address updated is incorrect?

Sol:In eMIS Go to School>School Profile>Go to Edit Profile of the school whose address needs to be updated>School Address>After updating click on Update and Next.

16.How to search for a student in eMIS database?

Sol: Go to Student>Manage Student, in this page a student can be searched through his/her name,class,DOB,Father’s name,Student ID,UID/VID/EID and Admission number.

17.How to add a School or create a new School ID in the same cluster?

Sol: The block MIS has access to create a school ID(In  eMIS go to User & Role> Level choose School in the drop down>State is freezed as Odisha>District,Block,Cluster will be freezed>choose School name in the drop down>Name(School Name)>Designation from the drop down>Mobile number should be 10 digit>Email ID>Role>Click on Submit)

Default password for the school login will be Osepa@123 ,once the user login with using the password it prompt to set a new password.

18. If a school doesn’t have computer/smartphone is a UP school  and user went to a nearby high school then which ID that user will use to update student details in that case?

Sol: User can use their school ID or if they dont have it then they can ask block MIS for it.

19.How to check only Active students in school in eMIS?

Sol: Go to Student Management>Manage Student>Status>Select Active in drop down and click search.

20.How to check Inactive students in eMIS?

Sol:Go to Student Management>Manage Student>Status>Select In Active in drop down and click search.

21.How to view a Student Profile without editing?

Sol: In eMIS go to Student Management>Manage Student>In the student list extreme Right hand side>View student option is there>Click on the download icon (green color).

22.How to take a print of student admission form?

Sol:In eMIS go to Student Management>Manage Student>Click on Student Admission form in RED color in left>Print.

23.How to Print hard copy for all the students in the School?

Sol:In Student Management>Manage Student>Extreme Left side Export to excel option>Click on That and Print.

24.Why a Student Profile Status is showing Partially Filled?

Sol:If the mandatory fields are left in the Student details then profile status shows Partially Filled.

25.How to make the Student Profile Status as Completed?

Sol: Go to Student Management>Manage Student>Edit Student Profile>Click on it and Update the mandatory fields>Click On Update & Next. Now the Profile status will show as Completed.

26.If a student profile does not match with school register how to update that student in eMIS?

Sol: That student can be updated as “Fake” in Exit Tracking-Go to Student Management>In the drop down click on Exit Tracking>Exit Tracking>In Student Name search that student>In Initiate Exit choose the Fake from the drop down in select Exit Type.

27.If a student is not reading in that school but his name is showing in database how to update that student?

Sol:Mark that student as Fake in exit tracking(Student>Exit Tracking>Exit Student>Select that student and select drop down as Fake>Submit

28.How to update the mandatory field mobile number or email ID if a parent does not have either of it?

Sol:The student can provide HM/school  mobile number and email ID or

29.Who can update School Closure?

Sol: Only the block MIS can update the School closure

30.How a bulk number students can be transferred?

Sol:Go to Student Management>Transfer>Left side of the screen there is an option Select All>Select Character of student>Reason for TC>Generate TC.

31.How a school can update daily attendance where there is lack of internet connectivity?

Sol: The daily attendance can be updated in Android based smart phone, if the user has no smartphone then the mode of attendance can be chosen Monthly.

32.If the user has chosen the mode of attendance as daily but after that he decides to choose the mode as monthly how to to that?

Sol:It can be changed only after the end of the month (for eg if today is 12th Dec and the user wants to change it to monthly then he can change on 1st Jan)

33.How to update attendance monthly in eMIS?

Sol:Login to eMIS>Click on  Attendance>Choose Monthly as the mode of attendance

In monthly mode of attendance user has the option for updating previous 3 months attendance.

34.How to transfer a student ?

Sol:In eMIS go to Student Management>Transfer>Select the student to be transferred>Select Character of student>Reason for TC>In the bottom of the screen click on Generate TC.

35.How to get a hardcopy/print of the TC?

Sol:In eMIS Click on Student>Transfer>View TC>Click on the orange download icon >Print can be taken for the same.

36.How to view only partially filled Students data of a school?

Sol:In eMIS>Manage Student>Profile Status>Choose Partially filled from the drop down.

37.How to view only Completed Status of student?

Sol:In eMIS>Manage Student>Profile Status>Choose Completed from the drop down.

38.If user choose Profile status as completed and click on Search nothing happens?

Sol:First check the total records or the total number of students in that school,and then choose Profile status as partially filled if both matches then there are no students whose profile is completed so no data showing up.

39.In attendance after choosing a particular class no students records shows in the list?

Sol:If the students are not showing that means that student has been made inactive either through transfer/Exit tracking.