This is your one-stop place for all solutions related to OSEPA Extended MIS. If you are using the MIS system on Desktop, here are few videos to support you on its functionalities. Logic to operate remains largely similar on Mobile as well.

How to Login into Extended MIS

How to view, edit & update school profile

How to View and Edit Student Records in your School

How to Add a New Student (Student Admissions)

How to View Student History

How to Transfer In a Student from other School (Transfer In).

How to Add a existing student into your School

How to Update Student Aadhar

How to view Probable Duplicate Students

How to update Student Attendance (Daily)

How to update Student Attendance (Monthly)

How to view Probable Dropout Students

How to Transfer a Student out of the School

How to Remove a Student from a School

How to submit SA1 (Summative Assessments) information

How to update SA2 by Govt. and Govt. aided schools

How to update SA2 by Pvt. and other schools

How to Disburse an Incentive

How to view Incentive Reports

Dashboard Module: For school level user